Thoughts-box #2: Sudham (16)

Sudham was one of the first people we reached out to talk about Ignito. His thought made significant contribution in shaping what we are today!

If you are like any other above-average-high-schooler in India, your goals for next two years are already set out and the little brain is sold upon with the dream that it’s the only available way to become something great in your life and your life will settled if you work hard and sacrifice everything for two years. You work very hard even if you like it or not leaving things you love behind, joining the rat race and some who are able to manage and pull through this may reach that goal, some may not. But it need not be that way, there are a LOT of other career options that you can pursue while enjoying what you do and make a good living. You can’t catch someone wrong here, it mostly because of lack of awareness. I feel lucky to say I realised this early and trying my best to explore different options making good use of internet. Not everyone has this opportunity and the team at ignito are trying to solve this by bringing awareness in the form of "It's a secret" :P I really loved the idea, think can make a massive impact if executed properly! My props to ignito and team!