Thoughts behind how and why we are building Ignito ;)

Chat with Jui (16)

"Choosing career is a common problem. Most teenagers know what they are interested in but they don't know how to pursue it as career. researching about it is very time consuming. All the information available on internet is not completely reliable. The earlier we get clarity about the career we want to pursue the better so that we don't waste time doing the stuff which is not really useful to us and we can prepare for the career we truly wanna pursue." -Jui (16yr old)

Chat with Sunrit (15)

Ignito is an amazing platform for everyone to get started by deciding career without any hassle. Instead of wasting time to do that after 12th grade, just do it on the fly with ignito. Their mission is super amazing, and it's one of the cool ones I have heard. This would be really amazing since it would probably help you a lot of students and other people struggling to decide. Looking forward to the more amazing stuff cooking at ignito, wishing all the best and good luck!" - sunrit 15y/o

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