Teens (The Younger)

Step 1

Looking for careers? Browse through the career cards.

Like them? Explore them in a fun way through books, videos, and podcasts. Contribute some content (books, videos ,and podcasts) and earn $NITO

Step 2

Get on a call with our mentors working in that domain for a real-life picture of the job.

You have to "ask" the questions you want answers to!

Step 3

Develop and share your projects and ideas with the world.

People can invest $NITO in your projects and you.

People's belief in you = your credibility score!

You get to give an NFT to your first 25 backers/investors.

These NFTs will have the history of your growth

Step 4

We got a store with all amazing educational resources, specially curated by us according to the careers you want to discover

Use $NITO to buy things with discounts!